5 Important Things You Should Know Before Shipping a Car

Many people make mistakes while shipping their esteemed car. After the completion of the deal, o sometimes in the middle, they realize the blunders and unnecessary expenses they have incurred to ship their car. You may also fall prey to some if they find that you are a newcomer in taking shipping services. So, it is always a good option to know few important things about shipping a car. It will help you to ask some smart questions to the shipper.

  1. Type of carrier

All shipping companies either provide an open or a closed carrier. In an open carrier, your car is loaded on a flat open trailer and so gets exposed to adverse road and climatic conditions. They are cheap but prone to damage and theft. In the case of closed carrier type, your car is kept safely and securely in a closed trailer and is costs more than open carrier type.

While selecting an open carrier, you must ask the shipper about the safety precautions like tightening the car with chains and insurance policy taken for your car.

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  1. Background research of the shipping company

Before you finalize the shipping deal, you must visit the U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website to verify the shippers’ service license and insurance policies. They can also provide their service type – a broker or a shipping company. Make sure they have a proper insurance policy. An exclusive shipper will always provide a Certificate of Insurance to assure you of the safety of your car.

You can also view their service ratings and existing customer reviews on the Better Business Bureau. It is always beneficial to read and compare online reviews.

  1. Avoid paying advance deposits for booking

While quoting, some companies may ask to pay deposits for booking a space for your car. You must avoid such companies. A reputable shipping company will never ask for an advance deposit as a pre-booking charge. Once you pay advance money, you cannot withdraw the deal at a later stage, or else they will deduct a heavy amount as a penalty.

  1. Proper planning

You must plan your relocation in such a way that you are available to receive your car at the delivery location. In case you need an emergency shipping service for some specific events, you must mention the same to your shipper.

  1. Prepare your car for pick-up and make a thorough inspection

You must remove all personal and electronic goods from the car. Clean the dirt and dust off your car and mark the pre-shipment damages. It is better to keep a clear picture of your car and old damages from all possible angles. You must carry out a thorough pre and post-shipment inspection and make remarks on the Bill of Lading. It will help you to claim insurance.

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