5 Ways To Add Value To Your Car

We all know by now that having a car in your possession is a liability. Meaning, it takes money out of your pocket on a continuous basis. Not only that, but you also need to know that once a purchase is made for a vehicle, but it also starts diminishing in value from then on, and unlike real estate that appreciates in value over time, you most likely won’t be able to resell your car at a higher price than the price you bought it after a few years. What if I told you there are actually ways you can add value to your car? Applying ceramic coating to car is one such way!

In times like this, having more liabilities is not what we want. If we are both agree on this, then check out these 5 ingenious ways you can add value to your car.


Did you know that a car’s mileage can quickly depreciate it faster than the age of the car? Most cars have a mileage between 10,000-15,000 miles per year. Your car will easily wear and tear faster if you tend to put more mileage stress on it. You can maintain your car to be in outstanding position if you can simply put fewer miles on the odometer.


It is especially advice that you invest in all-wheel drive upgrade, quality seat fabric, navigation, sun proof and if possible and automatic climate control. All of these help keep your car’s value.  All of these will keep your car in good condition and give you better offers whenever you choose to sell. Car maintenance is a conscious effort at ensuring that the original parts of the car are always kept in optimal conditions.


This cannot be over emphasized. It is the best way to keep your car’s exterior in excellent condition years down the line of use.  Applying ceramic coating to car is a great way to ensure that the car’s paint is in good condition and is preserved from dusts and chemicals that will quickly devalue your car.  Applying ceramic coating to car will make for very easy wipe off of debris, bird droppings, dusts, mud spills, and other particles on your car’s body. It makes cleaning and maintaining the exterior of your car a much easier task.


When your car comes with safety features, it automatically increases the value of your car. If you are about to purchase a car, ensure you go for a vehicle that has safety features such as collision warning, blind spot detection, lane keep assistance, pedestrian detection among others. It might cost you a few extra bucks to purchase, but it will certainly increase the value of your car, especially when you want to resell it.

Routine maintenance

This is essential, even though it will take some cash out of your pocket, but it is well worth it depending on the brand of car you are using. Before you purchase a car, ask questions on the cost implications of its routine maintenance and be sure it is something you can afford. If you know you would not be able to afford it, it is best to simply go for something within your budget. Spending on a car isn’t a onetime thing, it is continuous, so make sure whatever brand you are going for can be routinely maintained by your income.

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