Should You Consider Clear Protection Film For Your Car’s Exteriors? Find Here!

Your vehicle is an expensive must-have, and no matter how good you are behind the wheels, your car’s exteriors are exposed to a bunch of factors. Paint protection is often a common concern among car owners, because even a small stone can impact the look. One of the better choices is to go for a clear protection film, also called clear bra, for car exterior paint. If you want to keep your paint looking new, clear shield could be a great investment.

How does it work?

To get clear protection film on your car’s paint, you need to find an auto service in your that specializes in the same. The film is typically applied in the same way as car stickers, but the adhesive is a special kind, so the look and color of the car paint don’t change at all. You can consider clear protection film for areas that are more prone to paint damage, such as the front bumper, hood, fenders, and headlights. Many car owners also like a clear protection film on their mirrors and A-pillars. Some parts of your car are more prone to generic paint damage, such as the door edges. You can get clear protection film for that, as well.

How much does this cost?

It depends on the model of your car and the kind of clear protection film being used. At the least, you can expect to pay somewhere around $300 or more, which also again can vary based on what areas are being covered. Most auto services like to offer packages, but if you don’t want to get such deals, you can choose to pay for specific parts of the car you want to get covered. At the least, consider clear protection film for your headlights and bumper.

Things to know

With clear protection film¸ you can prevent your car from damages, but these films are specific and will not change the paint color, as we mentioned before. If you like to wash your own car, you can still do that, and waxing is also allowed, with no extra precautions. Also, note that UV protection of such films may prevent or delay color fading, but if your car is exposed to extreme sunlight, especially in peak hours, color changes are likely. In most cases, clear protection films can be removed easily, and you don’t have much to worry about residue.

With a local auto service to know more.

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